small subwoofer Rubicon

RA-10 is a rather small subwoofer with a massive amplifier and a 25cm speaker, long excursion and a cellulose membrane. Two bass reflex exhausts have been placed below the speaker. Cube-shaped housing is made of MDF board in such a way so that is it compact and because of this does not give its own resonance. The housing has been placed on rubber legs. A 250 W amplifier has been placed at the back together with a set of controls, among which we will find phase control (0/180degrees) cut-off point (45/140Hz), stereo RCA in/out and a set of speaker ports. 


Technical specification: 


Driver 250 mm

Frequancy response 40-150 Hz
Amplifier power 250 W
Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm] 400x350x360
Cut-off control yes
Phase control yes


Avaible colors: 


Light Cherry, Pear, Teak, Silver, Black