Rubicon is a new Project created by British engineers who have designed projects for other companies, well established on western market. Their success is based on exceptional care about sound quality and reasonable prices. Advanced technologically speakers with cellulose, Kevlar and glass or carbon fiber cones. An interesting feature are high-frequency drivers, ribbon ones, commonly used is much more expensive constructions. This unique combination of high-quality and low price is possible because Rubicon Company cooperates with carefully chosen factory in China, which produces speakers in OEM system for many of the leading European and American audio companies. This factory has the most important quality certificates including ISO.

Rubikon policy is simple: provide the best product for quality sound lovers for a reasonable amount of money. Designers are not condemned to specific solutions, but they use speakers and elements that are the best for given application. Enclosures are made from MDF boards, frequently reinforced, equipped with features that reduce standing waves - non-parallel, arc-shaped sides. Crosovers are made with great precision, in critical points with high-quality capacitors and air coils build with thick OFC wire. Sockets have solid, golden-plated twistable couplings. 

We have never before got so much for so little!