Rubicon subwoofer

RSUB-8 has been created in such a way as not to attract to much attention. Its most important function of delivering woofer effects has not been forgotten. Cube-shaped housing is made of MDF board in such a way so that is it compact and because of this does not give its own resonance. The 20cm woofer is made of two cellulose cones, the main at the bottom and the second, milk-tinted at the front. On the bottom we will find a shaped, bass reflex exhaust, thanks to pointing it downwards, the bass base has been enhanced. To preserve a stable distance from the floor, RSUB-8 is placed on quite high legs. A 200W amplifier has been placed at the back together with a set of controls, among which we can find phase control (0/180degrees) cut-off point (42/160Hz), stereo RCA in/out and a set of speaker ports. Instead of a typical fabric cover, the speaker is protected by metal strings, which give it a modern and attractive look. 


Technical specification: 


Driver 200 mm
Frequancy response 42-180 Hz
Amplifier power 200 W
Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm] 320x300x300
Cut-off control yes
Phase control yes


Avaible colors: 


Light Cherry, Pear, Teak, Silver. 


Rubicon's colors product