Libra Sub

loudspeakers for home theater

Subwoofer Libra is rich stylistically, due to which it will be a perfect complement to a home theater in a modern interior. Besides stylistics, uncommon sound values single it out. Great woofer, with a membrane made of mixture of cellulose and coal fiber and an high power amplifier, ensure that. The driver is directed downwards and it radiates on a special base. The amplifier has all the necessary adjustments, such as regulated cut-off point (40-160 Hz), phase control (0/180 degrees), and automatic subwoofer activation after receiving a signal from the input.


Technical specification: 


Driver 250 mm
Frequancy response 35-180 Hz
Amplifier power 200 W
Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm] 490x375x390
Cut-off control yes
Phase control yes


Avaible color: 


Pear, Silver, Black. 


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